RLE 20/30

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Project Description

Backward curved blades

  • High performance centrifugal fan RLE-EC optimised for using without volute casing
  • With brushless DC external rotor motor and commutation unit
  • For installation horizontally or vertically
  • High performance centrifugal impeller with backward curved blades fitted to the rotor of an integrated motor
  • Protection IP44, statically and dynamically balanced in accordance with DIN ISO 1940
  • Stepless speed controlled through brushless DC motor with commutation unit
  • Impeller out of galvanized steel sheet with Alu-blades riveted – Range RLE20/RLE30
  • Inlet cone can be delivered as an accessory
  • Aerodynamical and acoustical optimised fan design
  • Optimised utilisation of the motor rating by introducing of an exactly matching impeller material resistance
  • Reduced installation length supplying a compact unit
  • EC-Technik
  • Available with brushless DC motors
  • Stepless variable fan speed

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