RWM 57

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Project Description

The technical details are the secret behind its perfection

  • During smoke extraction, the RWM 57 conveys media up to 600 °C for 120 min
  • Temperatures up to +80 °C are approved for permanent ventilation
  • Conveys flow rates of up to 37,000 m3/h at pressure of up to 1,000 Pa
  • The air output is horizontal
  • The casing and all components subject to strain are made of galvanised or coated sheet steel
  • A variable range of motors offers flexible drive options
  • The add-on motor is completely separate from the airflow
  • The output opening is fitted with a protective grille
  • A pipe connection in line with DIN 24155-2 is fitted on the suction side
  • The connecting cable comes without a plug for ease of installation
  • The RWM 57 is supplied with tested accessories for integration into the façade and connection to the duct system
  • A specially designed system of electrical components including smoke detector switchgear, an optical smoke detector and a manual trigger button rounds off the range of accessories

RWM 57

  • with an IEC-compliant motor
  • low rate up to 37,000 m³/h
  • 600 °C – 120 min
  • No. 0036 CPD RG 01 03